Central Complaint Unit Medical Consultant

The role of the Medical Consultant in the Central Complaint Unit (CCU) is to provide an unbiased, objective and comprehensive evaluation of the complaints received by the Board to determine whether the care and treatment provided by the physician was within the "standard of practice." During the initial review process, CCU staff will gather the medical records that are relevant to the concerns raised in the complaint (i.e., records from the treating physician, subsequent treating physicians, hospitals and a summary from the physicians involved in the patient's care) and request review by a medical consultant. After reviewing all relevant material in the complaint file, the consultant is asked to determine if there is a need for formal investigation by Board investigative staff or if the complaint is largely resolved by a preliminary review of the medical records and the accompanying physician narrative statement.

Medical Consultants are hired by the Board to review complaints in the Central Complaint Unit on a contract, not salaried, basis. The consultants are not considered to be civil service or "employees" of the Board but instead are considered "independent contractors." As such, the relationship between the medical consultant/independent contractor and the Board may be terminated by either party at any time.

Requirements for participating in this program are:

  • A current, valid medical license issued by the Medical Board of California with no recent complaints or prior enforcement/disciplinary action
  • The ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality
  • The ability to provide objective, unbiased evaluations
  • The ability to articulate and to legibly document findings

The following are considered desirable qualifications:

  • Current, active practice or have been non-active or retired for fewer than five years
  • Minimum of three years in practice
  • Board certified
  • Peer review experience

Participating physicians are reimbursed $75 per hour for record review/report preparation. If you are interested in providing services to the Medical Board of California, please mail a completed application and updated curriculum vitae to the address provided below: