Education and Wellness Committee


The mission of the Education and Wellness Committee is to actively pursue opportunities to educate the public on the functions and responsibilities of the Board; to protect the public by continuing to provide current updated information regarding the Board's laws, regulations, as well as relevant healthcare information to both physicians and the public; and to promote strategies and opportunities for physicians to maintain a sound balance in their personal and professional lives so they can offer quality care to their patients.


  1. Educate the public on the Board's mission so they can play an active role in their own healthcare.
  2. Educate physicians on current laws and regulations and how they impact their practice.
  3. Educate physicians and the public on maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle including the prevention and treatment of disease.
  4. Inform stakeholders regarding changes in the delivery model of health care.
  5. Review and monitor the public affairs office strategic plan to ensure goals and objectives are being met.

Committee Members


Prior History of the Committee

The Board combined the Wellness Committee and the Education Committee to form the Education and Wellness Committee on July 19, 2012. Prior to that time each committee was separate. The final meeting of the Wellness Committee was November 4, 2012, and the Education Committee was January 27, 2011.