Wellness Committee

In 2012, the Wellness Committee was combined with the Education Committee to form the Education & Wellness Committee.

Mission: To further the Board's consumer protection mission by encouraging and guiding licensees to promote a sound balance in their personal and professional lives so that healthy physicians offer quality care to their patients.

At the July 2007 meeting of the Medical Board, Dr. Shelton Duruisseau, one of the board members, presented an issue paper addressing physician wellness. His paper was entitled, "Physician Wellness as Constrained by Burnout."

Dr. Duruisseau's paper outlined the purpose, background, conclusion, and recommendations to enhance physician wellness. The focus of the review centered on the benefits that might be derived from the implementation of a program to assist with licensees' well-being. Since the mission of the board is to protect health care consumers, it must be recognized that this best can be achieved by having healthy physicians care for their patients. Dr. Duruisseau recommended the board establish a Wellness Committee, comprised of three board members and three to five public members. Each appointee should represent strategic partners to further consider the board's role in addressing programs to improve licensees' well-being.

The Board took action, and, on July 27, 2007, the Wellness Committee was established.

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