Approved Midwifery Schools

The three-year program at each of the following approved midwifery schools has been accepted as meeting the educational requirements for a license as a midwife in California. Approval was granted based on the program meeting the qualifications listed in Business and Professions Code and Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations section.

An applicant who has satisfactorily completed the three-year program at one of the approved midwifery schools must ask the school to submit directly to the board a verification of graduation. Note: If the school is no longer in operation, the applicant must submit sufficient supporting documentation to verify graduation from the approved program.

New Mexico

Schools Approved but no Longer in Existence
  • Delphi Center for Midwifery Studies
  • 5 Star Home Health Services, Inc.
  • Seattle Midwifery School
  • School of Complementary Medicine

Approved Challenge Program

The challenge program at the following approved midwifery school has been accepted. As defined in statute, the challenge process allows students to obtain credit by examination for previous midwifery education and clinical experience.