License Verification System (LVS) Subscription Information

License Verification System (LVS) Subscription Information

LVS is a subscription service available to staff of independent practitioner associations (IPA), hospitals, managed care organizations (MCO), health maintenance organizations (HMO), health care facilities, and other types of organizations responsible for verifying the credentials of physicians.

Information contained in LVS is considered by JACCHO to be primary source verification of the Medical Board's license records. The license information is updated every Tuesday and Friday and the data is current as of the date posted at the bottom of the screen. This database differs from the Medical Board's website physician profile in that it does not provide public disclosure descriptions. For this information, the user must also check the physician's profile by clicking on the "License Search" button located on the Board's website. See below for additional information certifying the accuracy of the data as "primary source" data.

If authorized, the LVS user also may obtain information on whether the Medical Board has received any reports that the physician has been denied staff privileges or had those privileges removed or restricted. Business and Professions Code Section 805.5 requires that health care facilities or health care service plans request this information from the Board before granting or renewing a physician's staff privileges.

PLEASE NOTE: California Business & Professions Code Section 805.5(b) prohibits the Medical Board from disseminating a copy of an 805 report "(1) if the denial, removal, or restriction was imposed solely because of the failure to complete medical records, (2) if the board has found the information reported is without merit, or (3) if a period of three years has elapsed since the report was submitted."

Those interested in becoming an LVS user must complete the Subscription Form and Security Agreement. To renew an LVS subscription, the Subscription Renewal Form and Security Agreement must be completed.

Mail completed forms to:

Medical Board of California
License Verification System
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1200
Sacramento, CA 95815
Attn: Marco Armas

Other important information regarding LVS:

The Medical Board of California is auditing and updating our database of LVS users. Access to the LVS system has been removed for those facilities whose subscriptions expired prior to January 2006 without being renewed.

If you can no longer access the LVS system, please complete a new Subscription Form and Security Agreement and send (with the renewal fee) to the address on the form. The subscription form has been amended to require license information if access to 805 report information is being requested. Failure to provide this information may delay the approval of your request.

Please Note: The License Verification System is protected by the California Penal Code, Section 502, of the Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud Act. Users agree to use the information obtained from the LVS solely to conduct official business, and agree to hold this information in strict confidence. By signing the LVS Security Agreement, the Organization and Responsible User further agree to use all precautions to assure the information is not disclosed to any unauthorized person(s) and/or unauthorized user(s).