Limits on Practice - Research Psychoanalysts

Research psychoanalysts may engage in psychoanalysis as an adjunct to teaching, training, or research. Research psychoanalysts may not engage in a full-time clinical practice providing psychoanalytic services on a fee-for-service basis. Psychoanalytic service can be provided on a fee-for-service basis for not more than one-third of his or her total professional time including time spent in practice, teaching, training, or research.

Teaching, training, or research must be the primary activity of the research psychoanalyst. The primary activity may be demonstrated by:

  • A full-time faculty appointment at A University of California, a state university or college, or an accredited or approved educational institution as defined in Section 94310(a) and (b) of the Education Code.
  • Significant ongoing responsibility for teaching or training as demonstrated by the amount of time devoted to such teaching or training or the number of students trained.
  • A significant research effort demonstrated by publications in professional journals or publication of books.