Pending Legislation

The Medical Board of California (Board) takes positions on bills that are introduced in the Legislature impacting the Board and its jurisdiction. The Board Members are presented with analyses and staff recommendations, and then decide what position to take after discussion between the Members and comments from members of the public that attend or call in to the Board’s quarterly meetings. The Board encourages the public to participate in Board Meetings and provide comments on bills. Another way to provide input on bills going through the Legislature, is to contact the author’s office or provide comments at policy committee hearings in the Legislature. Visit the California Legislative Information website for hearing information.

Below is Rotate your phone horizontally to view a list of bills that will be going to the Board’s next quarterly Board Meeting (see Meetings page). The Board has provided links to the bill, author, and position, which also includes the Board's analysis. This list will be updated before and after each quarterly Board Meeting. After the Board Meeting, the list will be updated with the position the Board took on each bill.

For additional information, please contact the Board’s Executive Office at (916) 263-2389.

Click on the link in the Position column to view the Board's Legislative Analysis for the Bill.

Bill Author Title Position
AB 890 Wood Nurse practitioners: scope of practice Oppose
(Board vote August 13, 2020)
AB 1710 Wood Pharmacy Practice: Vaccines Support
(Board vote August 13, 2020)
AB 2239 Maienschein and
Health care: physician loan repayment Support
(Board vote May 7, 2020)
AB 2273 Bloom Physicians and Surgeons: Foreign Medical Graduates: Special Faculty Permits Support if Amended
(Board vote August 13, 2020)
AB 2478 Carrillo International medical graduates: study Oppose
(Board vote August 13, 2020)
SB 1237 Dodd Nurse-midwives: scope of practice Support
(Board vote August 13, 2020)
SB 1474 Committee on Business, Professions, and Economic Development Business and Professions Support
(Board vote August 13, 2020)