Pending Legislation

The Medical Board of California (Board) takes positions on bills that are introduced in the Legislature impacting the Board and its jurisdiction. The Board Members are presented with analyses and staff recommendations, and then decide what position to take after discussion between the Members and comments from members of the public that attend or call in to the Board’s quarterly meetings. The Board encourages the public to participate in Board Meetings and provide comments on bills. Another way to provide input on bills going through the Legislature, is to contact the author’s office or provide comments at policy committee hearings in the Legislature. Visit the California Legislative Information website for hearing information.

Below isRotate your phone horizontally to view a list of bills that will be going to the Board’s next quarterly Board Meeting (see Meetings page). The Board has provided links to the bill, author, and position, which also includes the Board's analysis. This list will be updated before and after each quarterly Board Meeting. After the Board Meeting, the list will be updated with the position the Board took on each bill.

For additional information contact Jennifer Simoes, Chief of Legislation, at or (916) 274-6251.

Click on the link in the Position column to view the Board's Legislative Analysis for the Bill.

Bill Author Title Position
AB 149 Cooper Controlled Substances: Prescriptions Support
AB 241 Kamlager-Dove Implicit Bias: Continuing Education: Requirements Support
AB 387 Gabriel Physician and Surgeons: Pharmacists: Prescriptions Oppose
AB 407 Santiago Fluoroscopy Permit or Certification and Continuing Education: Exceptions Neutral
AB 528 Low Controlled Substances: CURES Database Support if Amended
AB 714 Wood Opioid Prescription Drugs: Prescribers Support
AB 845 Maienschein Continuing Education: Physicians and Surgeons: Maternal Mental Health Neutral
AB 1030 Calderon and Petrie-Norris Gynecological Examinations: Informational Pamphlet Support
AB 1264 Petrie-Norris Healing Arts Licensees: Self-Administered Hormonal Contraceptives Neutral
AB 1468 McCarty and Gallagher Opioid Prevention and Rehabilitation Act Support
AB 1519 Gipson and Low Healing Arts Support
AB 1544 Gipson and Gloria Community Paramedicine or Triage to Alternate Destination Act Neutral
SB 53 Wilk Open Meeting Oppose Unless Amended
SB 159 Wiener HIV: Preexposure and Postexposure Prophylaxis Support if Amended
SB 276 Pan Immunizations: Medical Exemptions Support
SB 377 McGuire Juveniles: Psychotropic Medications: Medical Records Support
SB 425 Hill Health Care Practitioners: Licensee’s File: Probationary Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate: Unprofessional Conduct Support
SB 697 Caballero Physician Assistants: Practice Agreement: Supervision Support
SB 786 B&P Committee Healing Arts Support