Common Reasons for Rejection of Fictitious Name Permits

The Medical Board of California receives approximately 1,225 Fictitious Name Permit (FNP) applications per year. The process can be time-consuming because of the volume and because applicants frequently may not read or follow instructions provided on the application.

To assure timely service, the Medical Board is asking physicians and their attorneys to take the time to carefully review and complete the application. Some of the common errors that applicants make on the application are:

  1. The signature block on the application is not complete. Every portion of the signature block must be completed and include an original signature. Be sure to fill in the entire date upon which the application is being signed. Only original and complete applications will be accepted.
  2. The desired name is already taken or is too similar to existing names. To check for name availability, click on the Fictitious Name Permit Search link below. Reservations for names will not be accepted.
  3. The fictitious name does not comply with the statutory requirements. The name cannot be deceptive, misleading, confusing (B & P Code section 2415(b)(3)) or similar to a name previously issued. (CCR 1350.3)
  4. If applying as an individual (sole proprietor), the Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is not listed. If applying as a partnership, the Federal Employee Identification Number is not listed.
  5. The complete name and original number of the California Corporation are not listed.
  6. Copies of the Articles of Incorporation are not submitted with the application indicating the status of the entity as a California professional corporation. The Medical Board needs to insure the corporation is active and is a professional medical corporation.
  7. The applicant fails to list all shareholders and (in cases where there are non-physician shareholders) the percentage of shares owned by each shareholder.
  8. The $50.00 application fee made payable to the Medical Board of California is not submitted with the application.

Statutory information is provided with the application. Please refer to this information and follow the instructions on the application. If you have any additional questions, please call (916) 263-2382.