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Complaint: Public Disclosure

Can you tell me if this doctor has any complaints?

Complaints are not public information since they are just allegations; if a complaint results in discipline, that action is public . To determine if a physician has been disciplined, view their profile through the Breeze Online License Lookup .

What is a public reprimand?

The Board can issue two types of public reprimands. A public reprimand can be issued by the Licensing Program to an applicant for a minor violation that does not require probationary status or warrant denial of the license. The reprimands issued by the Licensing Program are considered non-disciplinary and are issued to the physician when the license is granted.

After a physician is licensed, a public reprimand can be issued for minor violations of law in lieu of the filing of formal charges (i.e., an accusation). A public reprimand issued for a violation of law is considered a lesser form of discipline.

What does "probation completed" mean?

This means that the Board took administrative action against a physician and required that he/she fulfill some terms and conditions (or monitoring) for a period of time. The notation "probation completed" means the physician completed the terms and conditions and has been released from the probation. You may obtain the documents describing the action taken against the physician from our website or the Central File Room. The documents outline all of the terms and conditions that the Board imposed on the licensee and describe the reasons for that action. The Central File Room can be reached at (916) 263-2525.

What is the section of law that identifies what information about a physician the Board is required to disclose to the public?

Sections 803.1 and 2027 of the Business & Professions Code identify what information the Board is authorized to disclose to the public. If you would like to review these sections of law, they are available on the California Legislative Information website .

What constitutes a citation and who issues citations and fines?

The Citation and Fine Program is an alternative method by which the Medical Board can impose a sanction and take an administrative action against a licensed or unlicensed individual found in violation of a law or regulation governing the practice of medicine.The Board has authority to issue citations and fines to physicians and allied health licensees for specified violations of law. Citations are not discipline, although they are public record. A copy of the citation is a public record and is posted on the website, and must be provided to the public for three years from the date of resolution.

Is public information available on the website regarding medical malpractice judgments and arbitration awards filed against a physician?

When you search for a physician through the BreEZe Online License Lookup , the physician's "profile" will show medical malpractice judgments and arbitration awards of any amount reported to the Board since 1993. However, malpractice cases that result in settlement are not reflected unless specific criteria are met (see Physician License Lookup - Public Disclosure ). You also can check with the county courthouse to research whether civil lawsuits for medical malpractice have been filed against a doctor.