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Physician Survey

What is the physician survey?

The physician survey is required to collect specific data that includes; activities in medicine, specialty, zip code within California of physicians who are treating patients, training status, ethnicity, and foreign language fluency.The goal of the survey is to gain a better understanding of the physician workforce in California; time that is spent in actual clinical practice, location, and specialty. Foreign language and ethnicity responses are voluntary. The data from the physician survey will be used to define specific physician shortages defined by geography, specialty, and other key variables. The data may also help consumers find physicians who meet their needs.

I'm not currently practicing medicine, do I have to complete the physician survey?

Upon renewing your medical license, the Board requires every physician to complete the physician survey.

What is "license type?"

The license type is the letter code that precedes your license number.

When must I supply the information?

The physician survey is part of the renewal process and shall be returned with the renewal. However, it may also be updated at any time from within the physician’s BreEZe account.

Why do I have to answer the physician survey questions?

The Legislature deemed it important to obtain information on physician distribution and practice characteristics to address physician access issues and to assist consumers and patients.

Where is the data available?

The physician survey data is located on the Board's website. Data regarding foreign language fluency and the ethnic background will only be available with consent of the physician.