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Retired Status

What is retired status?

Retired status is when a physician has indicated they will no longer practice medicine but would like to keep their medical license current with the Board.

Is there a fee to place my medical license on retired status?

If you are renewing your medical license at the same time as you apply for retired status, you must submit the $25.00 mandatory fee for the Physician Loan Repayment Program. If the license is current, no fee is required.

What if my license is delinquent?

If your medical license is delinquent, a payment of all accrued renewal fees, delinquent fee, the $25.00 mandatory fee, and the penalty fee must be submitted with the “Retired Physician Application for Exemption from Payment of Renewal Fee.”

Please contact the Board at (800) 633-2322 or (916) 263-2382 for information on fees due.

How do I apply for retired status?

A "Retired Physician Application for Exemption from Payment of Renewal Fee" must be completed and mailed to the Board.

Do I still need to complete continuing medical education while on retired status?

No, the holder of a medical license in retired status does not need to comply with the continuing medical education (CME) requirements.

Can a physician on retired status still write prescriptions?

No, a physician on retired status cannot write prescriptions. While the physician is on retired status, the physician cannot engage in the practice of medicine.

Can a physician on retired status work as a volunteer?

No, a physician on retired status cannot volunteer in regard to the practice of medicine.

How does a licensee restore their medical license from retired status?

The physician must first complete the "Application to Restore License to Full, Active Status from Inactive, Disabled or Fee Exempt Status or from Disabled Status to Active Status with Limitations on Practice", and pay the full renewal fee.

You must provide documentation of 50 hours of Category 1 continuing medical education (CME) within the past two years with the application. Acceptable documentation are letters or certificates of attendance that show completion of CME courses that list the name of the provider, the name and date of the course, the number of approved CME hours completed, and your name as the participant. If you do not have proof of participation, you must contact the provider(s) of the CME courses you have participated in and request documentation.