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Welcome to the Medical Board of California Licensee Profile search page. Here you will find profiles for all physicians and other allied health care providers who are licensed/registered in the state of California.

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The Medical Board of California (Board) wants you to be an informed patient. A physician's profile contains all the information available to the Board and authorized by the law to be posted about a physician. Important information on the profile includes the fact the physician is licensed, the status of the physician's license, and whether or not the physician has had any administrative or disciplinary action taken against their license by the Board or another State or Federal Government Agency. The profile also includes information regarding the physician's practice location and the physician's specialty or areas of practice. Lastly, at the bottom of the physician's profile are links to the actual documents related to the actions the Board has available on a physician. In order to obtain all the information regarding a physician, it is recommended that you review all of these documents. Please be sure when you are reviewing a physician's profile to review the entire profile by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the physician's profile.

The sample physician profile below can be used to assist you in understanding the information on the physician's profile.
Please scroll over and click on the various titles below to obtain definitions and important information to assist you when reviewing a physician's profile.

All of this information will aid you in making an informed decision about a physician. However, should you have additional questions, you may contact the Medical Board of California at 1-800-633-2322 or via email at In addition, the Board recommends that if you have any questions regarding the information posted on a physician's profile you discuss that information with the physician.

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