Frequently Asked Questions - Inactive License

Does the renewal fee change in any way while the license is in an inactive status?

No. You must pay the full renewal fee; there are no fee exemptions or reductions available for inactive licenses.

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Can I practice in the State of California with an inactive license?

No. You cannot engage in any activity that requires an active California license.

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What are the advantages of an inactive license?

You will be allowed to renew your license without completing the Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements.

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How do I return to active status?

You must complete the "Application to Restore License to Full, Active Status from Inactive, Disabled or Fee Exempt Status or from Disabled Status to Active Status with Limitations on Practice".

You must also document completion of 50 hours of continuing medical education (CME) within the past two years. The documentation of these hours must be submitted with the application. Acceptable documents are letters or certificates of attendance that show completion of CME courses, with the name of the provider, the name and date of the course, the number of approved CME hours completed, and your name as the participant. If you do not have the documentation, you must contact the provider of the CME courses you have participated in and request verification.

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