Voluntary Service

The initial or renewal license fee will be waived for a physician and surgeon who certifies to the Medical Board of California that the initial or renewal license is for the sole purpose of providing voluntary, unpaid service. However, California Business and Professions Code (B&P) section 2436.5 requires licensees to pay a mandatory fee of $25.00 at the time of renewal of a physician's and surgeon's license to the Physician Loan Repayment Program and B&P section 208 requires licensees to pay a $12.00 mandatory fee at the time of renewal for the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System / Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (CURES/PDMP). The Physician Loan Repayment Program encourages recently licensed physicians to practice in underserved locations in California by authorizing a plan of repayment of their medical school loans in exchange for their service in a designated medically underserved area for a minimum of three years. The CURES/PDMP allows pre-registered users, including physicians and other licensed health care prescribers, pharmacists, law enforcement, and regulatory board to access timely patient controlled substance history information. Access to this information assists health care professional in identifying possible prescription drug abuse.

A voluntary service physician licensee whose initial and/or renewal license fee has been waived pursuant to Business and Professions Code sections 2083 and 2442 must comply with the continuing medical education (CME) requirements.

To receive a fee exemption, a licensee must apply for the status change before the expiration date of the license. If the license is current no fee is required.

If the license is in a delinquent status, a payment of all accrued renewal fees, delinquent fee, the $25.00 and $12.00 mandatory fees, and penalty fee must be submitted with the application (total fee is $37.00).

To apply for an initial California physician's and surgeon's license and voluntary service, you must complete the initial application for a California physician's and surgeon's license and the voluntary service application.

Note: For initial licensure the required initial application and fingerprint fees must be paid; only the license fee will be waived.

The Board developed the Volunteer Physician Registry (VPR) to help provide access to physicians who want to provide voluntary services in California. The registry is intended to be used by clinics or other entities seeking volunteer physicians. If you are interested in being listed on VPR, please create an account and input your contact information.

For further information, please contact the Consumer Information Unit at (800) 633-2322 or (916) 263-2382.