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A Call to Action for the COVID-19 Response: How to Restore Your Inactive, Retired, or Cancelled Medical License to Full, Active Status

On Monday, March 30, 2020, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-39-20, giving the Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) the authority to waive professional licensing requirements for the healing arts boards under DCA during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

DCA-21-187 extends the temporary waiver of continuing education requirements and payment of required fees for individuals seeking to restore a retired/inactive license until November 1, 2021, or when the State of Emergency ceases to exist, whichever is sooner. DCA 20-91 may be amended as circumstances require.

More information on DCA Waivers and Coronavirus Updates can be accessed on the DCA's website. For additional COVID-19 updates, visit the Medical Board of California's (Board) website..

Physicians and Surgeons, and Midwives

You may qualify for a License Reinstatement waiver if you meet the criteria below.

License Status Criteria From Both Columns Must Be Met


My license has been inactive for 5 years or less.

1) My license has never been surrendered or revoked due to disciplinary proceedings; and

2) I did not place my license in retired, inactive or canceled status following initiation of a disciplinary proceeding.


My license has been retired for 5 years or less.


I voluntarily canceled my license within the last 5 years.

If you meet these criteria, the Board encourages you to do the following:

Complete this application to apply to temporarily restore your license to active status.

Apply to Temporarily Restore Your License to Active Status

After receiving confirmation from the Board that your medical license has been restored to active status, please register with the California Health Corps.

Register with the California Health Corps

All health professionals are encouraged to visit California Health Corps for more information.

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