Complaint Information

The Medical Board of California (Board) investigates complaints involving:

  • Medical doctors (M.D.s)
  • Licensed Midwives
  • Polysomnographic trainees, technicians, and technologists
  • Research psychoanalysts

Furthermore, Board staff reviews and investigates complaints about Doctors of Podiatric Medicine; however, any disciplinary action taken against these individuals is decided by the Podiatric Medical Board of California.

If an individual or organization appears to have violated the laws within the Board's jurisdiction, Board staff will investigate the allegations and charges may be filed. The following are the types of complaints reviewed by the Board:

  • Quality of Care (Misdiagnosis, treatment/medication causing side effects, surgical complications, negligent care, etc.)
  • Office Practice (Failure to sign death certificate, failure to provide records, misleading advertising, double billing, billing for services not rendered)
  • Inappropriate Prescribing
  • Provider Impairment (Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, mental or physical impairment)
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Unlicensed Activity (Aiding and abetting unlicensed practice, unlicensed provider)

Non-Jurisdictional Complaints

For complaints regarding licensees not listed above, please visit the Department of Consumer Affairs website to determine the appropriate Board to investigate the complaint.

The Board does not have jurisdiction over billing/fee disputes, general business practices (contracts, office policies, appointment times/duration, etc.) or personal conflicts, unless the behavior in question interferes with the safe delivery of health care. Please contact your insurance company or the individual healthcare provider’s office to resolve general billing or fee disputes.

Please be advised that the Board cannot assist with any coordination of patient care or provide financial compensation. Should you require assistance of this nature, please contact your individual insurance company or medical providers.

Except for special circumstances, complaints must be filed in writing. Written complaints may be submitted to the Board’s Central Complaint Unit by mail, via fax, or online. For further information regarding the Board’s complaint review process, contact:

Central Complaint Unit
  • Toll-Free: 1-800-633-2322
  • Phone: (916) 263-2382
  • Fax: (916) 263-2435