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When can I get a status update on my application?

An initial review of an application will be completed in approximately 45 days from the receipt of the application and fees. No status updates can be given prior to the initial review. Once the review is completed, the assigned reviewer will contact you in writing to inform you of any deficient items. After your reviewer has contacted you, you can work directly with him/her until your application is complete. You can also check the status of your application and a list of deficient items online through the BreEZe system, even if you applied by mail.

How long will it take me to get a license? What is the average timeframe?

Each application file is different and it depends on the particular issues involved for that specific file as to when the application will be approved for licensure. The application process take approximately 2-3 months. The greatest determining factor in completing a licensure file is the applicant’s ability to secure the items required. It is advised that you submit your application materials quickly and to be proactive in securing any remaining items.

The Board strongly encourages applicants to apply online through the BreEZe system, which allows the applicant to receive instant confirmation of the application received by the Board and eliminates the time spent mailing the application and risk of lost mail. The Board also encourages medical schools and training programs to submit documents through the Board’s Direct Online Certification Submission (DOCS) service, which the electronic submittal of application documents that are immediately received by the Board.

Can the Board receive official documentation electronically?

Applicants can submit the application online through the BreEZe system and can attach documents required to be submitted by the applicant, except for the signatory page of the application.

Medical schools and postgraduate training programs can utilize the Board’s Direct Online Certification Submission (DOCS) service. DOCS is a secure, fast, and reliable online document delivery system that allows medical schools and postgraduate training programs to submit primary-source licensing documents directly to the Board. DOCS will accept verification forms, official transcripts, certified diplomas, letters of explanations, and much more. DOCS only accepts documents for applicants with an open application with the Board.

To request access to DOCS, submit a DOCS Portal Registration Form to the Board. Please allow at least five business days for processing.