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Access to information on your doctor at your fingertips, 24/7. Making informed health care decisions has never been easier.

It's as easy as


Public Document Lookup


Check up on Your Doctor's License


File a Complaint

Receive notifications when a doctor's name, address, practice status, license expiration, or survey data changes, or when administrative actions or enforcement documents are added to a doctor's profile. This information includes notification when a doctor is suspended, revoked, or placed on probation. Currently available only on iOS.

  • Quick, Optimized Access to Website Content
  • Follow up to 16 Doctors' Licenses
  • Immediate License Profile Access to the Doctors Being Followed
  • Free, Automated License Alert Notifications When Profile is Updated

Protecting consumers by making
health care decisions easier.

More on the iOS License Alert Mobile App

How to Videos

Optimized Web Content

"Follow" a License

Edit a "Followed" Licensee's Description

Quick Access to a "Followed" Licensee's Profile

Receiving Notifications

"Unfollow" a License

Using the In-App Tutorial/User Guide

Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions
Search the Board's FAQs section for answers to common inquiries the Board receives regarding the iOS License Alert Mobile App.

Technical Difficulties
If you are experiencing technical difficultes while using the app, please email the Board at or call the Board's Consumer Information Unit at (800) 633-2322 for assistance.


Episode 2 – Medical Board of California Releases Mobile App for Apple iOS Devices (July 26, 2018)

In this episode of Medical Board Chat our guest is Sean Eichelkraut, Information Systems Branch manager at the Board. We discuss the Board's app for Apple iOS devices, including the initial concept, how it works, and how it differs from the Board's website.

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