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Physicians and Surgeons

A Physician or Surgeon (M.D.) is an individual issued a license allowing them to practice medicine. A physician may diagnose, prescribe, and administer treatment to individuals suffering from injury or disease.

Fingerprint Requirement

An applicant is required to provide a full set of fingerprints for purposes of conducting a criminal history record check. The Board may obtain and receive criminal history from the Department of Justice and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

California Residents

If you reside in California, you will complete the Live Scan process, which is an electronic fingerprinting system with a subsequent automated background check and response. This system significantly expedites the fingerprint clearance process. The Live Scan operator will check your identification, input your personal descriptor information, capture your fingerprints electronically, and transmit the information electronically. This process takes approximately 3 - 7 days.

Non-California Residents

Out-of-state applicants may complete the traditional "hard-card" manual fingerprint process or come to California to complete the Live Scan process. Hard-card manual fingerprints must be completed by a certified fingerprint roller or qualified law enforcement personnel. This process takes approximately 6 - 8 weeks.

If you live out-of-state, you will automatically receive a set of "hard-card" manual fingerprint cards once you have submitted your application and fees to the Board. If you have already submitted your fees and application but have not received the fingerprint cards, you may contact the Board's Consumer Information Unit at 800-633-2322, to request that fingerprint cards be mailed to you.