Change of Address / Email Address

California law requires all licensees to report each and every change of address/email within 30 days after each change. The request to change or update the address must be in writing and include the following information: name, license/registration number to ensure correct identification, old and new address, signature and date.

You may submit a change of address/email by one of the following methods:

If the new address is a post office box, the licensee is required by law to provide the Board with a separate street address which will be kept confidential and not publicly disclosed. The street address of a private mail box service may not be used as a confidential street address. Even if a licensee gives a street address, he or she may provide a second street address that will remain confidential.

NOTE: California law requires the Board to provide upon written or verbal request, the address of record of any licensed practitioner. The address of record will be released to any individual or entity who inquires and is also available to the public on the Board's website. Each licensee should carefully consider the address of record provided to the Board, and may wish to use an office, employer's address, or a post office box as the address of record.

The Board uses the address of record to mail all licenses, renewal notices and ALL other official correspondence.

Business and Professions Code 2021