Retired Status - Licensed Midwives

A licensee who applies for a retired license will be exempt from payment of the renewal fees and the continuing education (CE) requirements.

The holder of a retired license may not engage in the practice of midwifery.

To receive a fee exemption, a licensee must apply for the status change before the expiration date of the license. If the license is current, no fee is required.

If the license is in a delinquent status, a payment of all accrued renewal and delinquent fees must be submitted with the application.

To return to active status, the retired midwife must first complete the "Midwife Application to Restore License to Full, Active Status from Inactive or Retired Status", and pay the full renewal fee. The midwife must also document completion of 36 hours of continuing education (CE) within the past two years. The documentation of these hours must be submitted with the application. Acceptable documents are letters or certificates of attendance that show completion of CE courses, with the name of the provider, the name and date of the course, the number of approved CE hours completed, and your name as the participant. If you do not have the documentation, you must contact the provider of the CE courses you have participated in and request verification.

Please note all licenses expire at midnight on the last day of the birth month of the licensee during the second year of a two-year term. A midwife who chooses to restore a license to active status in the middle of a renewal cycle (depending upon date of birth), may have a renewal period of fewer than 24 months. There are no provisions in California law for prorating licensing fees.

For further information, please contact the Consumer Information Unit at (800) 633-2322 or (916) 263-2382.