End of Life Option Act – Effective June 9, 2016

ABX2 15 (Eggman, Chapter 1) establishes the End of Life Option Act (Act) in California, which becomes effective on June 9, 2016 and will remain in effect until January 1, 2026. This Act gives a mentally competent, adult California resident who has a terminal disease the legal right to ask for and receive a prescription from his or her physician to hasten death, as long as required criteria is met.

The law requires physicians to meet specific criteria if they are going to participate in this Act and prescribe aid-in-dying drugs to patients. The following resources give an overview of the requirements of the law for both physicians and patients:

The law requires specified forms to be completed before the aid-in-dying drugs can be prescribed and additional forms after the drugs have been prescribed. These forms must be submitted to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and also included in the individual’s medical record.

Final Attestation for Aid-in-Dying Drug – Pursuant to the Act, Section 443.5(a)(12), the physician must give this form to the patient when the aid-in-dying drug is prescribed and the patient must fill out the form within 48 hours prior to ingesting the aid-in-dying drug. Upon receiving the final attestation form, the attending physician must add this form to the medical records.

Attending Physician Follow Up Form – This form must be filled out by the physician within 30 calendar days following the death of a patient from ingesting the aid-in-dying drug, or any other cause, and submitted to CDPH.

For questions regarding this Act and its implementation, please contact the following: