Physicians and Surgeons

A Physician or Surgeon (M.D.) is an individual issued a license allowing them to practice medicine. A physician may diagnose, prescribe, and administer treatment to individuals suffering from injury or disease.

Previously Licensed in California

A physician whose California Physician’s and Surgeon’s license expired five or more years ago must reapply for licensure. If you voluntarily canceled your license, you must reapply regardless of the time period (Business and Professions Code (BPC) section 2428). You must meet all of the requirements as if you were applying for licensure for the first time.

If you have successfully completed thirty-six (36) months of approved ACGME/RCPSC/CFPC-accredited postgraduate training in another state or in Canada and have been accepted into an ACGME-accredited postgraduate training program in California, you must obtain a Physician’s and Surgeon’s license within 90 days of starting the training program. If you have not obtained a Physician’s and Surgeon’s license within 90 days, all clinical activities must cease until the license has been granted.


Use the checklist to guide you through the license application process.

U.S. & Canada Checklist