Financial Interest Statement

Business and Professions Code Section 2426 requires all physicians to report any financial interest in specified health-related facilities held by them or members of their immediate families. The information will be available to other governmental agencies and public and private third-party payers.

Health-related facilities mean any facility that provides clinical laboratory services, radiation oncology, physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, psychometric testing, home infusion therapy, diagnostic imaging, or outpatient surgery. "Diagnostic imaging" includes x-ray, computed axial tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography, mammography, and ultrasound goods and services.

Financial interest means and includes any type of ownership interest including share or stock ownership, limited partnership interest, debt, loan, lease, compensation, remuneration, general or limited partnership interest, discount, rebate, refund, dividend, distribution, subsidy, or other form of direct or indirect payment of money or anything else of value to a licensee or the licensee's immediate family from a health-related facility. It also includes an ownership-interest entity, corporation, or partnership that leases property to a health-related facility..

A financial interest does not include the ownership of corporate investment securities, including shares, bonds, or other debt instruments. Immediate family means a spouse, child, or parent of a physician or the spouse of a child of a physician.